Parasailing in Ocean City, New Jersey is one of the most beautiful sites you will ever encounter. Parasailing adventures for the whole family can make your Ocean City vacation memories last forever. When you parasail from our state of the art Parasail vessel you can take off and land gently from the back of the boat, what we call the “flight deck”. We accommodate everyone from first timer to daredevil, young and old. Pair up with a buddy and fly together. Take a refreshing dip into the refreshing water if you wish or stay dry; the choice is yours. Cruise the skies in serene bliss and then dare to take a free-fall which simulates a parachute drop – it’s all up to you!

Feel comfortable knowing that when you fly with us you are in the hands of a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain who is also a member of the Professional Association of Parasail Operators (PAPO).

A few pointers from the Pros:

If you are looking for parasailing in the Ocean City sun, choose Parasail City for your parasail experience.We have been parasailing for over 20 years. It is our Ocean city parasailing experience that has made us one of the most respected parasail companies in New Jersey. Join us for you next vacation in Ocean City, and make sure you schedule your parasailing trip in advance as to make sure of weather delays. Our Parasailing vessel is the most state-of-the-art parasail boat you can buy. It is one of the newest parasailing boats you can find in all of New Jersey. Many tourist that return from a parasail trip say they see Ocean City in a whole new light.

Parasailing is so relaxing it can place you in what we call a "parasail state of mind" meaning all cares have melted away and all you see is the life going on beneath your feet. Our Parasailing crew is the best in New Jersey. They are dedicated to your parasailing experience and will help you with any questions you may have about the Ocean City area and the history of parasailing in general. Come and Fly with the best!

Parasail City,Ocean City


500 ft $70

Observers $30